Fauna and Flora Mod for Minecraft PE

Fauna and Flora Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Fauna and Flora Mod for Minecraft PE: make the nature of the virtual world beautiful, and diverse by adding more animal and plant cultures!

What does Fauna and Flora Mod add to MCPE?

Players can observe the appearance of different fauna and flora in Minecraft PE, as developers have created many variants of biomes with landscape and climate features. With this mod, users can change the familiar nature by adding new inhabitants and plants.


Those who want to add fauna and flora to the game will love this mod. It unlocks access to more than 40 unique colors for players. And the addon will also help Minecraft PE users to get new blocks.

Decorative elements such as a pond in a barrel, stones, a stone sink and garden tools will help to make the space beautiful.


For everyone who wants to improve the fauna and flora in Minecraft PE, the developers have created this mod. Players will be able to observe the life of unique creatures and enjoy their high-quality animations.

For example, fireflies appearing in the virtual world will help players find their way in the dark. And users can also catch these insects. Colorful dragonflies appear on swamps and plains. In total, the author created four variants of their colors. Dragonflies feed on bees, fireflies, and mosquitoes.

Geese and crows will also appear in Minecraft PE. Fauna and flora mod users can tame a goose with bread. But for the crow players will have to find gold and diamonds.

Some animals spawn at night, such as a raccoon. They drop leather, from which it is possible to craft clothes.

Fauna and flora

The Fauna and Flora mod, oddly enough, brings only flowers to Minecraft PE. Nevertheless, biomes become picturesque and filled with new colors.

Players can visit fields with roses, sun and moon gardens, lavender fields, and other beautiful locations. By the way, the developer has also improved jungles, forests, and deserts.