Fence Mod for Minecraft PE

Fence Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Fence Mod for Minecraft PE: choose a new fence for yourself, create a safe space for your character and much more!

What does Fence Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players often need to build a fence to safe off their home from uninvited guests and create a cozy space. This mod allows users to add new variants of building elements for every taste.

For the addon to work, the player needs to enable all the functions of the experimental game mode in the world settings.

More Fences

Minecraft PE players can enhance their gameplay with this incredible mod, offering a diverse range of fences that are perfect for securing game home. These versatile structures seamlessly blend with the aesthetic of any construction, while the extensive collection of designs and material choices allows players to create a visually stunning landscape.

Beyond their decorative appeal, these items serve as a reliable barrier against uninvited visitors and creatures, ensuring the safety.

This mod adds 12 distinctive fence variations and enclosures available for Minecraft PE players. Crafted from the abundant wood types found within the game, each item adds a unique touch to the surroundings, allowing for unparalleled customization and creativity.

Barb and Chain

This mod is an opportunity for Minecraft PE players to unleash their creativity in the game world. It introduces exciting new blocks. It is possible to design the own town, building adventure maps, or constructing unique structures, these elements will become essential.

Fences not only inflicts damage but also slows down movement, adding an extra layer of defense to the creations. With the help of wire cutters, MCPE players can swiftly dismantle the blocks, allowing for flexibility and experimentation. Players will take their creations to the next level with the golden mesh fence.