Fish Mod for Minecraft PE

Fish Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Fish Mod for Minecraft PE: explore the underwater depths of the game world, and meet their inhabitants!

What does Fish Mod add to MCPE?

Seas and oceans occupy most of the Minecraft PE game world. Many players like to explore the underwater depths and find resources there. Users can also meet unusual inhabitants there. This mod will add even more fish to the water.

Ocean Craft

This is one of those addons that work even on old editions of Minecraft PE. The mod will add a lot of fish, which many players used to see only in pictures. To spawn, you need to use eggs from the inventory. All kinds of animals replace different mobs of the game. There will be no more witches, zombies, cows, pigs, polar bears and some other creatures in the virtual world. But there will be beautiful sea animals.

Some will be dangerous, while others will simply decorate the world without harming the players.


The developer decided that there are not enough predatory fish in the waters of Minecraft PE and created the Aquatic mod. Sharks, whales and many other inhabitants will appear in the seas. By the way, players will be able to fight two new bosses.

The advantage of the addon is that players can use it even without cheats.

Jaws and Megalodon

Fans of big and dangerous fish will love this mod. Sharks will appear among the mobs of Minecraft PE, which will attack dolphins and squids. These animals have 50 health and 6 damage. They usually drop meat and bones after death. By the way, the developer replaced the guardians with sharks.

Another dangerous predator will appear under the water. This fish is called a Megalodon and it attacks many other mobs. The creature’s health is 200, and the damage is 16.

Interestingly, after death, this mob drops not only meat, but also rare treasures. MCPE players should fight it to get loot.