Flag Mod for Minecraft PE

Flag Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Flag Mod for Minecraft PE: get symbols from different countries, create unique game space, and play with friends!

What does Flag Mod add to MCPE?

The mod will help Minecraft PE players to find flags of all countries of the world with the most realistic textures. The developers have also added animation to the objects. Thus, users can learn a lot about different places on the planet and use objects in their world as decorations. Not only symbols of European countries, but also Asian and African ones will appear in the game.

Players can also create WW1 items, and football fans will like FIFA paraphernalia. In addition to country flags, the addon contains themed and colored items that will allow players to play on servers and be divided into teams. They have all the same properties.

By the way, the addon also adds banners that have their own animation: city views appear on them periodically.


This mod adds flags of all European countries. Minecraft PE players can create their own UK, Germany, Italy, and other countries in their world. The developer also offers animated banners with city views to decorate the world.


Fans of the east will love this mod. MCPE users can create their own countries in the game world by decorating them with themed flags. This expands the possibilities of games on servers.


This is the most unusual collection of flags, as the mod gives players access to rare variants from African countries.

Users can discover many new cities and decorate the Minecraft PE world with unique banners.


This is a mod for football fans. Flags dedicated to FIFA World Cup 2022 are collected here. MCPE players can arrange a themed game on the server using this addon.


Fans of military themes can use WW1 flags thanks to this mod. Battles with friends in Minecraft PE will become even more interesting. Players can mark their territory or conquer enemy fortresses decorated with new items.