Frog Mod for Minecraft PE

Frog Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Frog Mod for Minecraft PE: explore swamps, and spawn additional inhabitants of these biomes and other territories!

What does Frog Mod add to MCPE?

The swamp territories in Minecraft PE are inhabited by a few mobs. Of course, many experienced users expected to see frogs in these places. With this mod, players have the opportunity to add amphibians into the swamp surroundings themselves. Besides, it is an opportunity to spawn other cute little animals.

The experimental mode must be activated before the player wants to use the new options.


One of the simplest mods for Minecraft PE, adding frogs to the game space. It is easy to find new animals in the game. Amphibians replace rabbits, so to create a swamp creature, players need to use a suitable summoning egg. The behavior of mobs will also match the rabbit.

By the way, players can meet these creatures in many areas, amphibians can be found not only in swamps.

A nice addition from the developer of the addon is the presence of a characteristic soundtrack in the form of croaking mobs.

Darwin Frog

This rare species now lives in the swamps of Minecraft PE, thanks to the developers of the mod. The peculiarity of these amphibians is their small size, while their head have unusual shape.

The creatures have an unusual color, yellow and red inclusions can be seen on the bright green body.

The author of the fashion drew attention to the problem of the threat of extinction of Darwin frogs, introducing many people to this rare species.

More Pets

With this mod, Minecraft PE players can not only admire the new frogs, but also find an unusual use for them. For example, these animals will be food for raccoons. Thus, users get the opportunity to breed mobs and increase their population in the game world.

The addon adds some cute animals that can become the player’s pets.