Genshin Impact Mod for Minecraft PE

Genshin Impact Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Genshin Impact Mod for Minecraft PE: meet a unique character from the anime and escape from his dangerous attacks!

What does Genshin Impact Mod add to MCPE?

The Genshin Impact anime has many fans in the Minecraft PE gaming community. The developers created this mod to settle one of the characters of the legendary plot in the game world. Users can create Baron Bunny on their own, and it will not be difficult. After that, players will find out what the character is capable of.

The disadvantage of the addon is that it only works on some editions of the game.

Besides, activation of experimental settings is required before using this mod.


Baron Bunny is one of the most popular heroes of the Genshin Impact anime. Many Minecraft PE players dreamed of meeting him in the virtual world, and finally it became possible thanks to this mod. Externally, the creature is very similar to the original character and has the same abilities.

The mob is small in stature and has a health of 20.


It will not be difficult for the mod users to create a mob on their own, since the developers have added a spawn egg for it. The main thing is to switch to creative game mode. Players should know that when spawning a creature, they need to press the button a little longer than usual. Users have the opportunity to meet with a unique inhabitant of the universe Genshin Impact and other way.

Minecraft PE players will need some ingredients for crafting: three red wool blocks, one white wool block, and one dynamite.


The unique features of the mod are taken from the original plot of Genshin Impact. The main ability of a character named Baron Bunny is to attack enemies with explosions. Interestingly, the mob deals 30 damage even through armor, so it can become a dangerous opponent for Minecraft PE players.