Ghost Block Mod for Minecraft PE

Ghost Block Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Ghost Block Mod for Minecraft PE: craft unusual materials, walk through walls and much more!

What does Ghost Block Mod add to MCPE?

There are a lot of blocks in the game world, but there are no invisible materials. Ghost mod allows users to pass through walls, overcome obstacles and much more. Users also have the opportunity to illuminate caves with invisible torches. This is a great way for Minecraft PE players to diversify the gameplay and surprise friends.

This addon requires the activation of experimental settings before starting the game.

Invisible light

Players no longer need to stumble upon torches placed around the perimeter of the cave. This item will become a ghost block that no one will see. Only the Minecraft PE player himself will know where he put it. This unusual mod can be used for practical jokes to make the game more fun.

How to get new items?

To create a unique ghost block, the Minecraft PE user needs to take a regular cube and put it in the center of the crafting table. An invisible object will appear, which can then be used for lighting thanks to this mod.

A simple crafting recipe will tell even an inexperienced player how to do it.

Ghost Block

Many people would like to learn how to walk through walls in Minecraft PE. This can be done by players who install this mod. The ghost block is easy to craft and does not require much effort to use.

After creating a new object, users can put go anywhere in the game world and walk freely right through it.


To get a ghost block, Minecraft PE players need to take an ordinary oak cube and put it in the center of the crafting table. Only the player needs to use an unusual table, but a special one. The recipe for its creation is attached to the mod. After that, the player can walk through a new object. It is possible to build walls and create different structures from this material.