Glass Mod for Minecraft PE

Glass Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Glass Mod for Minecraft PE: craft beautiful blocks to change the virtual world, and add some unique details to your buildings!

What Glass Mod can add to MCPE?

Many people like to use glass blocks to create realism in their buildings. This mod will bring a little variety and make the blocks even more beautiful. Minecraft PE players will be able to craft and take ready-made materials, creating unique structures. The developers have provided for obtaining blocks using inventory or a special command. Even an inexperienced player can cope with this.

It is important to enable the experiment mode in advance.

One Way Glass

This mod will appeal to those who like to build and decorate their Minecraft PE game world. The developers have created unique glass blocks that have different textures on both sides.


One-sided glass is a unique block, players can’t find anything like this in the normal game. The mod users can choose what the second side of the block is: it can be stone, wood or wool. This way, Minecraft PE players can make their interior more interesting.

How to use it?

Creating a new glass is not so difficult. The mod developer offers his own crafting recipe that any Minecraft PE player can use. They need to change the wood in the recipe to any other material.

It is possible to use grass, sand and other resources.

Connected Glass

Lovers of beautiful glass blocks will love this mod. The developer decided to update the appearance of the blocks so that Minecraft PE players could create unique windows for themselves and complement the buildings with unusual elements.

There are two ways to get amazing blocks. Those who like to survive in MCPE can enter the command /give @p, and then select the desired color of the material. If the user wants to play in creative mode, he should go to the inventory and find blocks there.