Goblin Mod for Minecraft PE

Goblin Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Goblin Mod for Minecraft PE: meet monsters that can help to get new items, fight using cool weapons, and much more!

What does Goblin Mod add to MCPE?

Fantasy lovers will appreciate this mod. Unusual monsters will appear in Minecraft PE: goblins with whom players can trade and get magical weapons and armor.

Pocket Mythology

This mod will introduce Minecraft PE players not only to goblins but also to other fairy-tale characters, such as Ents, Scorpions, and other mobs.

There will be two types of goblins: ordinary ones, which are spawned, and cannibals. Ordinary spawn in a swamp has a health of 32, and are neutral to players, in addition, users can tame them with gold bars.

Cannibals are more aggressive and spawn in the savannah. Minecraft PE players should know: if they kill the leader, the others will not attack anymore.

The mod will also introduce users to Ents. These are giant trees that can be seen in the dark because their eyes glow. Ettins will appear in the caves, which are among the most aggressive and powerful mobs. No less dangerous will be the Arctic scorpion with a health of 120.


The mod suggests using a cannibal goblin mask in Minecraft PE to improve jumps. Players will receive some new weapons. For example, a bat, new swords, and improved armor.

Goblin Traders

This mod will prove to the Minecraft PE player that goblins can be not only scary monsters but also cute helpers. Green and orange mobs are merchants and perform many functions in the game.

The green goblin goes after Steve after he treats it to apples. The orange mob prefers carrots and spawns in the Nether.

Both types of new creatures have a lot of items the player needs.

MCPE players should come closer to the mob and click on the trade button to get items from new mobs. Creative mode allows users to spawn goblins using spawn eggs.