God Mod for Minecraft PE

God Mod for Minecraft PE

Download God Mod for Minecraft PE: get incredible talents and abilities for new achievements in the game world, get no damage, and defeat all the aggressive mobs!

What does God Mod add to MCPE?

Survival in the world of Minecraft PE is sometimes tough. Players have to run away from dangerous monsters, fall from the tops of mountains, and fall into fire and water. God mod allows the user to become virtually invincible to enemies. In addition, Steve can avoid damage from falls and other troubles.

The experimental mode must be activated before the player uses this addon.

How to activate god powers?

The mod developers have made sure that getting new abilities is not difficult even for a beginner. To use this privilege, Minecraft PE players must use the command /event entity @s god.

A new indicator will immediately appear above Steve’s head and will mean his absolute immortality.

If MCPE users get bored with playing in this mode, players need to type the command /event entity @s ungod. By the way, if the player doesn’t like the message above his head, he can try the command /event entity @s god_hide.


Since in the creative mode, the Minecraft PE player already has limitless possibilities. In this case, he needs to activate the survival.

Users can explore the game world without being completely safe. They will not be afraid of any monster.

Zombies can attack from all sides, but the character will not receive any damage.

The God mod allows the character to dive into the depths of the ocean, jump through lava, fall from a great height, and much more. Steve can be considered immortal from the moment the addon is activated.

More details

The developer of the God mod decided that the sounds of taking damage are also not needed, so after downloading this addon, the Minecraft PE player will no longer hear anything when enemies attack.