Gold Mod for Minecraft PE

Gold Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Gold Mod for Minecraft PE: get more resources for crafting, use new ore to create more food and tools, decorate your world with beautiful blocks, and much more!

What does Gold Mod add to MCPE?

There are many different resources in the Minecraft PE world. Some players want to see more valuable materials for their gameplay.

This mod adds blocks, ore, food, and more items. Players can get unusual ore and use it for crafting. There are also coins from gold, silver, and other materials that let users open their stores.

Every Block is Gold

This mod is for those who want more resources in Minecraft PE. All solid blocks that the player touches turn into gold. The addon’s functionality is simple, but it makes the game world completely different. Players can change the whole world only by touching.


The developer of this mod created coins from gold, silver, and other materials. Players get 5 types, each has its value. For example, 9 copper coins are also worth one silver coin.

At the same time, copper coins are the most expensive. The addon allows Minecraft PE users to create their stores and sell goods.

Players should activate the experimental mode to make the mod work.

Rose Gold

The mod will add rose gold ore. It can be found at heights from -10 to 0. This is the resource Minecraft PE players can use for crafting decorative blocks and food. Users can not mine these materials by hand or by wooden pickaxe.

Raw blocks can be obtained at the Crafting Table. The other two blocks are only used when using Stonecutter. MCPE players can get rose ingot using a furnace. Users can create new versions of some products from this new material.

The modification will add several types of gold blocks, such as bricks with an unusual texture.

Players can find new beets, carrots, and apples in their game world.