Granny Map for Minecraft PE

Granny Map for Minecraft PE

Download Granny Map for Minecraft PE: escape from their terrible house where a crazy old lady lives!

What does Granny Map add to MCPE?

Especially for horror fans in Minecraft PE, developers have created Granny map – a house with a crazy old lady chasing Steve. According to the plot, the player has only five days to get out of a terrible place where a creepy woman in black can appear at any moment.

The location is confusing, has many rooms, and it will be difficult for the player to find a way out. Complete darkness complicates the task for users.


This Granny map is the first creation of developers for Minecraft PE. The plot is known to any horror fan.

The game starts in the lobby, where in the dark the character needs to figure out what to do and where to go. At every step, the players will be in danger, and additional sounds will make the atmosphere even scarier.

The only way to escape will be to hide under the bed or in the closet.

Granny 2

The familiar plot of a crazy old woman in an abandoned house is complemented by some details on this Granny map. Now the creepy character has a partner. Grandpa is no less dangerous than the main character. And now the house has become twice as dangerous.

The task of Minecraft PE players has become even more difficult. The house is dark, and that will make it even scarier.

Granny 3

The new Granny Map has become as functional as possible. Initially, it is intended for a single game, but players can also play it in multiplayer. To do this, the owner of the world must invite the participants of the game.

Minecraft PE users must escape from the creepy house within 5 days, otherwise death. They can hide under beds and closets. The difficulty is that now Grandma can now open the doors. And there are additional options in the lobby.

By the way, some textures are taken by the developers from the original game.