Grenade Mod for Minecraft PE

Grenade Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Grenade Mod for Minecraft PE: get many bombs, TNT blocks, and other items to destroy objects, and kill mobs!

What does Grenade Mod add to MCPE?

Players very often need weapons in Minecraft PE. There are many different mods for this, including those with grenades. The developers have created the best items for clearing space, as well as attacks from a long distance.

There is always a danger of injuring yourself, so players need to use new items carefully.

More TNT

This mod will allow Minecraft PE users to throw grenades, causing powerful explosions throughout the game world. Thus, it is possible to overcome obstacles by destroying blocks on the way. Players can also defeat their opponents.

In addition to a powerful grenade, users will have a new TNT block. Objects explode instantly, so they should handle them carefully.

To find the blocks, users need to go to the inventory and find the place where the egg used to be.

WW2 Weapon

The developer, creating this mod, was based on the theme of World War 2. Minecraft PE users can get grenades, items, and weapons. With the help of the addon, it is possible to create truly powerful explosions in the game world, winning battles and clearing space.


Those who want to get many types of bombs, dynamite, and grenades should download and install this mod. With the help of new items, it is possible to increase the power of explosions to defeat all the enemies and destroy any wall.

The developer offers various options, including cluster, hydrogen, and even an atomic bomb.

C4 is another type of explosive that works at a distance of up to 60 blocks. The Minecraft PE player only needs to move to a safe place and activate the bomb.

The most dangerous explosive is the atomic bomb. Players need to observe safety precautions so as not to get hit themselves.