Guardians of the Galaxy Mod for Minecraft PE

Guardians of the Galaxy Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Guardians of the Galaxy Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn fantastic creatures with unique abilities, get additional weapons and armor, and more!

What does Guardians of the Galaxy Mod add to MCPE?

This mod was created by true fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe. Minecraft PE players can settle famous characters in their world. Besides, it is possible to use additional items that players can get by trading with one of the new mobs.


The mod is based on a popular science fiction movie and repeats the characters and objects in Minecraft PE. The original film the Guardians of the Galaxy has many fans because it successfully combines humor and action, creating a unique and refreshing experience for audiences. It sets it apart from traditional superhero movies.


The mod recreates memorable characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy. There are a group of heroes who resonated with audiences. The most interesting meeting will be with Groot in Minecraft PE, since the user has the opportunity to grow a unique hero.

The Rocket has its own defender in the form of Groot, who will repel the attacks of enemies, protecting his master.

How to grow Groot?

The mod allows Minecraft PE players to grow a legendary character themselves. This is logical, because the hero himself is a tree. To create a friend, the player must take the seeds of the Soil and plant them in a pot. To make the hero grow faster, it is possible to use bone meal.

By the way, if a player puts a jukebox with music near the Guardians of the Galaxy hero, the creature will start dancing.

Bone meal will be useful for the player and for the further growth of the character. A small Ground will not attack anyone, and is not amenable to taming.

The next stage of the hero is teenager. Minecraft PE players can give him a game console, but then he will stop obeying.

An adult Groot will follow the mod users and protect them from dangers with blasters.