Guitar Mod for Minecraft PE

Guitar Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Guitar Mod for Minecraft PE: play music with friends, get additional items, and decorate your home with instruments!

What does Guitar Mod add to MCPE?

Experienced Minecraft PE players know how to make musical instruments in the game world. It takes many resources and much time.

This mod adds a guitar and other items which let users play music and decorate their buildings.

Functional musical instruments

This mod allows players to play guitar and other musical instruments in Minecraft PE and use some of these items for decoration. The addon includes more than 15 types of instruments, including a speaker and microphone.

Those who don’t want to create such items out of wool blocks and fences anymore will love this mod.


Most of the items serve as decorations in users’ homes. But some instruments can play sounds: the Minecraft PE player does not have to hit the instrument.

The mod developer offers a large selection of items in addition to the guitar. For example, piano, bamboo flute, synthesizer, xylophone, drums, harp, and much more.

Vanilla instruments

This unique mod will add sixteen musical instruments, three additional items, and one block for the craft. Minecraft PE will get a guitar and other staff to play music.

The developer recommends activating the experimental mode to make the addon work.

It is possible to get a group in the game world and play songs with friends using this addon.

How to use it?

Minecraft PE players should craft Music Table. This item helps to get a guitar and tools. There are all the recipes inside. There are Scale Guide and Note Guide that shows the mod users what to do. The instrument Tuner can change the pitch.

It is necessary to use a tuner or type /function music_reset to make the instruments play.

In the creative mode, all the items will be under the construction tab.