Gunpowder Mod for Minecraft PE

Gunpowder Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Gunpowder Mod for Minecraft PE: use new recipes, get more unique materials for crafting, and improve survival!

What does Gunpowder Mod add to MCPE?

For crafting some things in Minecraft PE, users may need gunpowder. This mod offers recipe options for creating the right material, as well as new items that will help players survive more effectively. The addon also assumes some commands to create unique resources.

Gunpowder Barrel

This mod is designed for those who want to see improved dynamite blocks in their world. Unusual gunpowder barrels will explode spectacularly, making fights with enemies more spectacular. It is also possible to use this resource for the explosion of mines and the extraction of materials.


The author has included a completely new method of producing gunpowder. Production is divided into four steps. First Minecraft PE players need to get the sulfur that appears in the swamps. With a hammer, they can break the powder into dust. Then they should look for coal: either a furnace or cave exploration is used for this.

The third step is divided into several parts. First, a glass is made. The glass has the U-shape in the crafting inventory. The resulting glass is put back into the crafting inventory to get a glass of liquid. Last action is to have 6 potassium nitrates, 2 coal and 1 unit of sulfur in the inventory to get gunpowder.

A glass of liquid must be combined with water to produce ammonia. After that, firing is carried out in a furnace and nitrogen oxide is extracted. We add nitric oxide to the crafting inventory and get nitrogen dioxide. The final element binds to water and nitric acid is produced.

The next step is to extract sylvite and grind it. Then players should combine sylvite powder and nitric acid to obtain potassium nitrate.


This is a simple mod for getting gunpowder. A Minecraft PE user only needs to use a crafting recipe that includes only 2 ingredients.

This will facilitate the survival process and improve the player’s skills.