Halo Mod for Minecraft PE

Halo Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Halo Mod for Minecraft PE: add armor, characters, and many items from your favorive universe to the game world!

What does Halo Mod add to MCPE?

There are different games that Minecraft PE players love for the plot, various equipment, and weapons. The Halo mod adds some elements from the famous universe. Players can try new armor to protect themselves from enemies’ attacks. There are also recognizable creatures that appear in the game world after downloading the addon.

Users should be sure that the experimental mode is working before activating resource and behavior packs in the menu settings.

Halo Apocalypse

This mod is created for fans of the Halo universe. Minecraft PE players can add items to their virtual world that remain about the game plot.
The author of the addon replaced some mobs of the game world with new characters. Players will also have new weapons and items at their disposal.

Users will see well-designed models of heroes with lots of details. So they easily can imagine themselves as Halo heroes.


Many players would like to add characters from the Halo universe to Minecraft PE. This was made possible thanks to this addon. This mod adds new NPCs to the game world that have a realistic look. The mobs’ user interface will also change to improve the gameplay. In addition, the addon is compatible with any other modifications.

By the way, the developer added sound effects and excellent animation.


This mod is dedicated to the universe of the game Halo: the addition brings 20 types of 3D armor that players can wear in Minecraft PE. In addition, the author also promises cool weapons that will appear in future updates of this build.

There are also different types of transport and items. The developer did not describe them, so users will have to find out about everything in the game.