Hat Mod for Minecraft PE

Hat Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Hat Mod for Minecraft PE: wear caps, helmets for mining, change your clothes, and choose outfits for your character in the game world!

What does Hat Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players often upgrade characters with various items, including clothing. This mod will open access to helmets, caps and other hats. The developers also created a collection of winter clothes so that Steve wouldn’t freeze walking through cold biomes. By the way, some items have unusual effects.

The developers suggest getting clothes using commands, crafting or taking in the inventory. By the way, the experiment mode should be activated during the creation of the world.

Caps and Hats

By installing this mod, a Minecraft PE player will be able to get as many as 9 variants of various hats. Items will not only decorate the player, but also add interesting effects. With the help of a mask, you can get improved regeneration, and a miner’s helmet adds speed to the player.

By the way, all modification items are created in MCPE by the command /give @s ashmin1, after which players need to enter the necessary element.

Steve can wear glasses, sombreros and different caps with inscriptions.

Winter Clothes

Winter Clothes mod will help Minecraft PE players to stock up on warm clothes and try on cute Christmas items in different colors. In total, the addon developer offers 16 colors of clothing and hats. In addition to them, users will find warm pants, a sweater, and socks.

It is possible to combine items with each other and come up with new images.

Animated Hats

This mod offers Minecraft PE players 14 hats with unusual effects. In creative mode, the player can take items in the inventory. The peculiarity of this addon is that most of the items have animation. The developer added funny details, for example, a zombie is sitting on one of the hats.