Heli Mod for Minecraft PE

Heli Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Heli Mod for Minecraft PE:use air transport, fly with friends, and discover new territories in the game world!

What does Heli Mod add to MCPE?

Players often need transport to explore the game world. These heli mods can help to get different models with good characteristics. Every user will find a good one to fly around the Minecraft PE space.


Thus mod will add a great aircraft to the Minecraft PE world. Its presence will not only simplify the movement of players but also make the game more realistic. As in life, the heli runs on fuel. When planning long-distance flights, players should not forget to take gasoline cans with a reserve because there is a risk of getting stuck in unfamiliar terrain.

The flight on one gasoline canister is one and a half minutes. To control the controls, users will need a diamond sword. The transport replaces the Blaze from the classic version of MCPE, so it is easy to get it through the egg for the spawn of the Blaze.

Those who dreamed of flying a helicopter should download this mod.

Military vehicles

This heli mod can add three different types to Minecraft PE. One of them, an American, is designed for eight passengers. There is also a compact American two-seater model with weapons on board.

The other model is used by the Russian army and has two passenger seats.

Survival helicopter

The mod developer offers Minecraft PE players excellent transport that can move everywhere at high speeds.


There is a cargo heli among the models, which can carry two passengers at once.

By the way, the mod users can take a mob on board: to do this, Minecraft PE players need to fly close to it.

The Apache has two seats and a machine gun for battles. It is the fastest model. Before getting into it, the player will have to tame it. There is also a large model with 18 passenger seats, which can even transport villagers.

Players can control the transport using a key. To fly up, you need to look in the right direction. To land, the player must look down.