Horse Mod for Minecraft PE

Horse Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Horse Mod for Minecraft PE: choose a new friend, start your own pet farm, and ride a horse around the game world!

What does Horse Mod add to MCPE?

There are many animals in the Minecraft PE world. Horses are also present in the game, but developers have decided to add different breeds. This mod gives the mobs some unusual abilities. With this addon, users can start their own farm on the territory of the game world and settle different mobs there.

It is also an opportunity for players to have protection from aggressive mobs and try new meet.

Ender horse

This mod adds not a simple horse, but a unique creature that can teleport in Minecraft PE. This happens randomly, the players do not control the movement in any way. The animal is also unique for its health reserve, increased speed, and jumps.


Ender horse will spawn in the Otherworld. It is not difficult to tame it: a Minecraft PE player needs to sit astride it until the hearts appear. To control the animal, he needs a saddle, which he should put a slot while sitting on the animal. The mod users should know that tamed mobs do not teleport, but is a player gives them Ender pearls, mobs will learn to do it again.


The mod will be interesting to those who are looking for not only horses. There are also some domestic animals in Minecraft PE. The developer decided to add dogs, chickens, and some livestock as well. Creatures will have different colors, there are five types of them in total.

Animals spawn in forests, in the taiga and on beaches.

Improved horses

Minecraft PE players who love animals will appreciate the mod. The developer offered more than 100 variants of different horses and other creatures. Players will meet camels, mules, donkeys, and zebras. By the way, all these mounts can swim.

Besides, there are saddles that can be painted by players.