Iceologer Mod for Minecraft PE

Iceologer Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Iceologer Mod for Minecraft PE: find a new mob in snowy biomes, and try to kill the illager in a fight!

What does Iceologer Mod add to MCPE?

Every year, a vote is held among fans of the Minecraft PE world, where developers find out who the players would like to see as new inhabitants. Iceologer was also nominated to become the new mob of the game but did not win. However, many users found the mob interesting, and they would like to see it in their world.

The mod developers of this addon decided to give this opportunity to users and created a unique mob living in a cold biome.


The creature from the Iceologer mod appears in cold biomes at night and is a kind of illager in Minecraft PE. Of course, the player does not have to wait for the night because he can compare the pillager on his own. To do this, the player must be in the creative mode of the game, open the inventory and take the spawn egg from there.

Mob abilities

Like any illager, the creature is hostile to other inhabitants of the Minecraft PE game world. The victims of Iceologer can be villagers, iron and snow golems, and players. Now the player will have to defend the villages from another enemy thanks to the mod.

The creature uses ice as a weapon. It is difficult to fight this creature, but it is worth avoiding its attacks because they will cause a lot of damage.

The new inhabitant of the snow biomes has a health of 30. If a MCPE player manages to defeat a mob in battle, Iceologer drops blocks of snow and ice, and with them, the player can get several emeralds.


The appearance of Iceologer is similar to an ordinary robber, but the color of the clothes is different: its textures are blue. The mob has its own sound design: if the Minecraft PE player comes closer to it, he will hear its voice.

To see a new creature in their world, the player needs to turn on the experimental mode before activating the mod.