Illager Mod for Minecraft PE

Illager Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Illager Mod for Minecraft PE: meet new mobs, use spawn eggs to create them, get more items and weapons, and try to survive in a fight!

What does Illager Mod add to MCPE?

For those who often visit the villages of Minecraft PE and meet residents there, it’s no secret that there are also illagers in the game. They attack villages and behave aggressively towards other mobs. This mod will add new variants of these creatures, making them even more dangerous and unpredictable.

Players need to set the experimental mode so that the addon works correctly.

Villagers and Illagers

With this mod, villages will be able to fight off the illagers, as guards and archers will appear in Minecraft PE. And the mobs will get both positive and negative functions. Therefore, the battles of new creatures will be even more interesting.


Among the new mobs there are those who protect houses from attacks. For example, the Village Guard will try to repel the illagers’ attacks. He has 24 health and 7 damage. The mod users can make such a guardian out of an ordinary villager if they give him an iron sword. By the way, it is possible to tame a mob with an emerald. The village archer will also be a defender in the game.

The illagers will also have new options in Minecraft PE. For example, one of them has a crossbow, there is a chef, a witch, etc. Everyone has different health indicators and unique attack methods.

More Illagers

Those who are tired of ordinary illagers will like this new mod. The developer invites players to get acquainted with new mobs in Minecraft PE. The addon adds several unusual mobs with unique powers. The game will become even more dangerous, as the behavior of creatures is unpredictable. There are Necrillager, Illusioner, and many others characters.

There will also be new items for combat in the form of weapons and mines.