Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE

Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Iron Chests Mod for Minecraft PE: get more items with additional slots, and use them as storage!

What does Iron Chests Mod add to MCPE?

Java Edition users have been aware of this mod for a long time. In the Minecraft PE world, there are chests in which players usually store their belongings. There is only one drawback to these items: a few things fit in there.

The developers decided to port the unique Iron Chests addon to Bedrock Edition. Now the guests of the game world using smartphones can get new opportunities with the help of simple crafting recipes.

Players should not forget to activate all experimental options to make the mod work correctly.


The most interesting thing is that the character will have three chests at once: iron, gold, and diamond. All of them have unique properties that allow you to store more items in them than usual. New items do not appear in Minecraft PE by themselves. To create them, players need to master crafting recipes.

Moreover, the mod user must first create an iron chest. Only after that, it is possible to use the remaining recipes.


The main advantage of all three new items is the increased number of slots. The simplest option is an iron chest. It has 54 slots.
For those who need even more storage space in Minecraft PE, the mod developer has created a golden one. It is possible to store 81 items in it.

Finally, the diamond one holds 108 items. It is the absolute maximum for the game world.


To craft iron and other chests, the Minecraft PE player will need ingots from the corresponding metals. Initially, the mod users also need a regular chest to make the simplest of the three models. Players can create a whole repository by placing them all in one place.

External objects differ from each other in color and texture. They are similar to the materials they are made of.