Japanese Mod for Minecraft PE

Japanese Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Japanese Mod for Minecraft PE: get new items and weapons, meet unique anime creatures, and enjoy beautiful nature!

What does Japanese Mod add to MCPE?

There are many fans of Oriental culture among the crafters. With the help of mods, you can add some details about the atmosphere of Japan in Minecraft PE.

For example, players can use the weapons of real samurai, as well as meet cherry blossoms in the world.

Sakura Garden

After installing this Japanese mod, the entire pixel world will become a giant blooming garden. Sakura and other beautiful trees will grow here. Minecraft PE users will see their game space updated and brighter.

The trees will become multicolored, and the water in the reservoirs will become transparent.

Japanese folklore

The mod developer dedicated his mod to Japan and its culture. There are unusual items, blocks, and weapons that have been added to the Minecraft PE world. The mobs that appeared in the game will be familiar to fans of the anime and manga genre.


The mod introduces monsters from anime and manga familiar to all fans of Japan. A giant mob will appear in the Minecraft PE jungle and have a health of 14 units.

An unusual attack is used by a nocturnal inhabitant of the game world named Yuki-she: during the battle, the creature releases butterflies.

The modification will add Inu. It is a dog capable of taming with a bone.

The swamps will be populated by Kappa, a new mob. Players can tame it with the help of a water lily. A Japanese colorful fish named Koi will settle in the reservoirs of Minecraft PE.


The mod will introduce Japanese weapons into Minecraft PE. Players will be provided with blades, as well as cool samurai armor.

The author also added some ordinary things for users. For example, you can use a new lantern to light the path, and Japanese-style doors will be useful for the house.