Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE

Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Jenny Mod for Minecraft PE: meet a beautiful girl that can entertain Steve, dance, and chat!

What does Jenny Mod add to MCPE?

There are many mobs in the Minecraft PE world. There are animals, fantastic creatures, and even people.

But the game developers have never tried to create a friend for Steve, and any player sometimes wants to meet a girl, even virtually.

Fortunately, there were mod creators who decided to add Jenny to the game world, a unique girl with whom you can have a dialogue and have a great time together.

How to create Jenny?

Since the Jenny mod does not replace anyone in Minecraft PE, there is a new spawn egg in the inventory to create her.

The player can choose which girl he needs: in a suit or without a suit.


Many players have met a similar modification for the Java edition, but there was another heroine, Ellie. There is only one girlfriend in Minecraft PE for Steve, but she has very unusual abilities.

After creating Jenny in the game world, a player should approach her and click on the button that appears. A menu window opens in front of the player, in which he can change the settings of the girl.

The girl will ask Steve questions, laugh, and flirt in the chat window.

Players won’t get bored with this new friend. Do not forget about activating the experiment mode to make the mod work.

Minecraft PE users can ask Jenny to dance during the date, and she will not refuse. In creative mode, players can create a lot of girls. The game becomes more exciting, and Steve will not be lonely anymore.

The mod developer worked hard on the image and added a good animation.

Steve’s girlfriend can be embarrassed and change facial expressions, for example, to make eyes and smile.

Additional items

Jenny has many talents. But the girl also brings some new items to the Minecraft PE world. The mod will add a bed that will help Steve and his girlfriend be a little closer.