Laser Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE

Laser Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Laser Weapon Mod for Minecraft PE: try additional items with unique effects to defeat enemies, and much more!

What does Laser Weapon Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players can use a regular bow, crossbow, and other standard items in battles. But there are also more progressive methods of dealing with annoying mobs. The developers of laser weapons offer their mods to attack aggressive creatures.

Laser guns

This mod will bring some futurism to Minecraft PE. The usual bow will be replaced by a cool laser cannon, which will become a much more powerful weapon against Steve’s enemies.

By the way, some mobs will also be replaced by robots in the future.

Types of weapons

The cannon shoots laser beams, after which Minecraft PE players can watch a powerful explosion. Instead of a fishing rod, a laser pistol will appear in the inventory, causing decent damage. A shotgun will take the place of a snowball and add even more powerful explosions to the game.

The most terrible weapon of the mod will be a bazooka.


Robots will take the place of ordinary mobs in Minecraft PE. For example, the Laser Weapon mod users can meet a mechanical horse, a skeleton in the form of a robot, and several other creatures in the game world.

Tesco Trolley Laser Hunter

The developer of this mod went even further and placed a flying trolley from a supermarket in Minecraft PE.

Crazy transport has another feature: right in the trolley, there is a laser weapon that incinerates blocks and mobs on its way.


In the inventory, Minecraft PE players using creative mode will see several options. If the Laser weapon user chooses the option with a laser, then they will need to get into a dangerous vehicle.

To start shooting, users need to click on the pop-up button.

In addition, the mod offers players a big bomb that can be dropped from an unusual transport, flying over the game world.