Lion Mod for Minecraft PE

Lion Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Lion Mod for Minecraft PE: meet dangerous animals, try to tame them, and be careful!

What does Lion Mod add to MCPE?

There are many dangerous animals in the Minecraft PE world. But some players have been waiting to meet the lions. This mod adds new big cats to the savannas and other biomes.


The mod will add new predatory animals to the world of Minecraft PE. Lions will inhabit the savanna. Even though these mobs are dangerous to other creatures, players have the opportunity to tame them to get pets.


There are two types of lions. Mobs replace mushroom cows and ordinary cows: they differ only in colors. If a Minecraft PE player finds a baby lion, feeding it with meat or fish can tame it.

Players need to hold the raw meat of the fish in their hand and long press the mob to wait for the button to tame.

The mod users should wait until the baby grows to the size of an adult animal. After that, it will protect the host from any threats.

Big Cats

The Big Cats mod will add new animals to the Minecraft PE, namely lions, tigers, and panthers. Each of these animals lives in its biome: jungles, savannas, and forests. Players can tame them if necessary.

It is necessary to find a special treat for each animal to tame.


These big cats live in the savannas and jungle. Minecraft PE players can tame them with salmon. Steve must do everything quickly. Otherwise, the lion can kill the character.

The mod users can breed animals with the help of golden apples.

Other mobs

Tigers from the mod also live in the savannas and jungle and love salmon. They are more friendly than lions, but it is better not to offend them in Minecraft PE.

Black panthers live in hilly forests, but they also like salmon. Players will meet leopards in forests and deserts. These cats also love cod. Finally, cheetahs live on the plains. They are faster than lions and other MCPE cats.

World Animals

Lions will live in Minecraft PE savannas after downloading this mod. The feature of this addon is many wild animals. The developer added one item for taming all kinds – a gold bone.