Magical Broomstick Mod for Minecraft PE

Magical Broomstick Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Magical Broomstick for Minecraft PE: add unusual items for flights, change their design, and much more!

What Magical Broomstick Mod can add to MCPE?

Players often want to add a little magic to the game world. Thanks to this mod, it is possible to add magical broomsticks to Minecraft PE. Users can use items for flying, as well as for decoration, changing their appearance if desired.

It is better for players to use experimental features. They can activate it in the settings.


To get access to unusual mod options, Minecraft PE players will need to create a magical altar in the crafting table.

This item will help in creating magical broomsticks and other wizard attributes. There is a bag of change drops from witches, and it can also be purchased from village priests. It costs three diamonds. A Magic tip is created from a bag and wheat.


Each magical broomstick not only looks cool, but also has unique effects that can help Steve survive. For example, a birch broom regenerates, an acacia item gives strength, and a jungle one can help breathe underwater.

Crafting recipes from the mod are similar to each other, Minecraft PE players only need to select the necessary type of wood.

The most unusual option would be a nether block broom, with it players can move through the lava, it has particles and gives the effects of strength and durability.

Additional options

The Magical Broomstick mod provides players with not only magic brooms, but also new clothes. Any user can feel like a wizard: for this, a hat, boots, and a robe will appear in the game. By the way, the developer offers simple recipes for crafting things. Minecraft PE players can change the design of the broom. Objects have an unusual property: lights can glow in the dark. This is due to the lanterns.

The most important function of unusual objects is that players can fly and move around the game world.