Magical Crops Mod for Minecraft PE

Magical Crops Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Magical Crops Mod for Minecraft PE: get unique effects by eating new types of seeds, become stronger, have more resistance, and survive in the game world!

What Magical Crops Mod can add to MCPE?

With the Magical Crops mod, unique types of seeds will appear in Minecraft PE, which will give the character incredible abilities. If players have tasted the golden apple, they know these feelings. Steve will become practically immortal.

Addon to introduce special types of potatoes, carrots, and beets into the game. If players eat them, they will briefly get special effects that will make them much stronger.


The effect of new plants is somewhat similar to the effects of golden apples in MCPE. The developer offers different options for magical crops. For example, gold, diamonds, and emeralds carrots. There will also be new types of potatoes and beetroots.

For those who want to use the addon, the developer offers several ways to get items. For lovers of crafting, there are simple recipes that allow players to get different types of unique vegetables. It is also possible to use commands if the player needs to save time.

Minecraft PE players who decide to use this mod must first go to the game settings and activate the experiment mode.


Some magical crops will allow Minecraft PE users to get the effect of night vision and water breathing, while others will give the opportunity for a slow fall and additional resistance.

The mod users can get even the rarest effects in the game world that will help them survive. For example, Steve can become a hero of the village thanks to magic crops.

How to get the items?

Getting items is not as difficult as it might seem. Even a novice player can handle it. The developer offers mod users to use simple commands to get magical crops. The addon also contains recipes that can be used by Minecraft PE players who do not want to enter commands.