Mars Map for Minecraft PE

Mars Map for Minecraft PE

Download Mars Map for Minecraft PE: explore the landscape of the red planet, find unique buildings, and master unusual transport for travel!

What does Mars Map add to MCPE?

The uniqueness of the map is that it is a model of Mars, where there are resources for survival, various buildings, transport, and much more. Minecraft PE players will see a completely different world than the one they are used to. If the player prefers to play in multiplayer, this is a great chance to arrange a thematic meeting with friends in the virtual world.

In general, the location looks like a scene from a futuristic movie about space.


First, the map developers made the planet red. The water has an orange color, which is also unusual for the game world. Users will not see many plants here, but there are various man-made structures on the territory. After walking around the buildings, Minecraft PE users will find that there are quite a lot of details, and it is possible to go inside the houses to find resources there for survival on Mars.

Also, players will notice a house nearby, which is surrounded by glass farms. And there is also a location tower with antennas.

Space Suit

Spawn takes place in a house where a Minecraft PE player may notice that he is in a space suit. It protects the map user from external threats, because everything on Mars is different from the usual world. Also, the costume gives some effects. It is possible to see exactly what effects the character received in the right corner of the screen.

The clothes look quite realistic, have a white color and resemble what astronauts look like.


Interestingly, the map developers have created special transport for traveling on Mars. These are cars to drive on the surface of the planet and rockets to fly. This is a unique opportunity to feel like a space conqueror in Minecraft PE.