Microblocks Mod for Minecraft PE

Microblocks Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Microblocks Mod for Minecraft PE: find many materials for building including steps, beams, and others!

What does Microblocks Mod add to MCPE?

There are many people in the Minecraft PE gaming community who build various structures, houses, and so on. There are different materials for this, and the authors of the game are constantly adding unusual resources. All blocks are the same size and this has not changed since the very first editions.

The microblocks mod allows users to change the usual type of resources and gain access to unique options.

Mini blocks

Microblocks from this mod will look almost the same as ordinary materials for construction. But there is a small feature that makes them unique. These are tiny copies of standard resources that players are used to using. They will be useful not only for creating houses, but also for adding various interior details and decorating the world.

The experimental mode in the settings must be selected by the player before activating the mod.

Getting Blocks

Any Minecraft PE user, regardless of his gaming experience, can cope with obtaining new materials. The /function command was specially added by the mod developer for the rapid appearance of microblocks. It won’t take a lot of time for users.

During the creation of the house, the player will need unusual steps, beams and much more.


This mod is also popular among Minecraft PE players. There will be several options for interesting resources that will help make the buildings more beautiful and detailed.

Among the stone, wooden and other blocks, players can choose the right ones. There are 15 types in total. There are beams, panels, and steps for construction. It is also possible to use tiny decorative elements.

To get items, the authors introduced the command /function.