Military Mod for Minecraft PE

Military Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Military Mod for Minecraft PE: add tanks, use cool weapons, get helmets, and invite friends to the game!

What does Military Mod add to MCPE?

For battles in Minecraft PE, players often look for new addons with weapons. This military mod will also add equipment, vehicles, and artillery to the game world. Players will be able to ride tanks and kill enemies with different items. This is an option for those who want to arrange a fight with friends in multiplayer.

To make the addon work properly, users need to make sure that the experimental mode is activated.

WW2 Weapons and Helmets

For those who like the theme of the World War 2 in Minecraft PE, the developers have created this military mod. Players will be able to use pistols, machine guns and grenades in their battles. It is worth noting the high-quality animation during the use of new items. All weapons are stylized and look as if the players have been transported to the past.

An interesting feature of this addon is that players are provided with helmets for battles.


To arrange a real battle in the virtual world, Minecraft PE players will need this military mod. The developer has created several tanks from different countries of the world. With their help, users can divide into teams and fight. Thus, users will be able to distinguish enemies from members of their own team.

It is possible to get into the transport using the button that will appear during the approach to the tank.


Every fan of military mods in Minecraft PE wants to have their own artillery. Such weapons can destroy not only mobs, but also enemy equipment, including planes and tanks. The developer has created numerous models, so there is a choice. For a multiplayer game, this addon will definitely come in handy.

When the player approaches the weapon, a button appears to fire.