Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: master archaeological excavations and use eggs to grow a Sniffer!

Minecraft Beta

The game world changes periodically, as developers from Mojang take into account feedback from players and try to improve the world of Minecraft PE For example, in Trails and Tales Update, new opportunities for archeology appear, character animations change, and much more.

Character animation now includes crawling. Customization of armor and search for ancient seeds are still available to users.


With the advent of archaeology, there are more unusual blocks in the game. Many of them are important during treasure hunts. For example, it is possible to see suspicious sand in those places that are suitable for excavation. Having found such a place in Minecraft, the player needs to take a brush and clear the selected area.

Suspicious gravel can also be generated in the world. This material also indicates the place where it is worth digging.


Trail Ruins is one of the main sites for excavations in Minecraft PE On the surface of the earth, it is possible to see only part of the structure, since the main part of it is underground. Here, players should look for Sniffer eggs, and sometimes players can stumble upon templates for armor. There are more than 20 such templates in the game.

Another bios suitable for archaeology is the desert. Suspicious sand appears there most often.


Since Sniffer has appeared among the animals, the question arises how to create this mob. Minecraft users have access to the eggs. They are stored in Trail Ruins, but first the character needs to find them. Then, with proper care, a baby will appear from the egg.

An adult mob can be propagated using Torchflower.