Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: take advantage of the opportunity to unlock recipes, look for artifacts in the sand and appreciate the automatic crawling!

Minecraft Beta

Players notice how the virtual world is changing, and everything in it is improving. Mojang offers users to craft items using recipes, find various artifacts in ancient structures and grow useful crops. The animation also got new details in Minecraft PE the character crawls automatically.


In previous versions, unlocking recipes was available to players, but was part of the experimental settings in Trails and Tales Update. Now this option has become even easier to use and crafting has become easier. If the Minecraft user needs to find a recipe, he can start typing a keyword in the book, and the necessary information will appear.


Almost any player already knows the Sniffer. The mob has become a favorite of many since the last vote and won, after which the developers implemented it into the game. In order for this cute creature to settle in Minecraft PE, the player needs to get a special egg. It is larger than the others, because it is assumed that the Sniffer is a dinosaur.

The egg located on the moss block will become a mob in 10 minutes.

Cherry Grove

There is no more beautiful place in the game than the Cherry Grove. Everything that grows here will be useful to Minecraft players. Trees will become a building material, and pink petals will be the basis for crafting dye.

Of the animals here it is possible to see rabbits and pigs.


This function has completely ceased to be experimental. Now, if a Minecraft PE player wants to pass where blocks interfere with him, he automatically starts crawling. It also allows the character to go unnoticed when needed.