More Bows Mod for Minecraft PE

More Bows Mod for Minecraft PE

Download More Bows Mod for Minecraft PE: get improved weapons to hit targets at any distance, and use additional options to fight with mobs!

What does More Bows Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE users often use bows in the gameplay. The weapon is convenient for use at a long distance from the target. There are ways to get more varieties of these items that are more durable and have unusual properties. The mod helps players to get improved models.


The mod will help Minecraft PE players get more bows, aim better and shoot accurately at the target at any distance. It will work within a radius of 5-36 blocks.

The author of the modification provided color coding, which means that the target will be highlighted in red if it is far away. If the target is close, the color will be green.

More bows

The developer of this mod allows Minecraft PE users to craft or get more variants of bows in the inventory. All of them are durable and have different properties.

The most durable among the bows will be the diamond version. Players will need eight diamonds to craft it.

There is an iron, gold, and even a Redstone bow in the arsenal. Ender bow has the unique ability to teleport a player. The magic bow imposes the effect of nausea, and the heavenly bow can share the effect of levitation.


Minecraft PE players who do not have enough of the usual characteristics of bows will like the mod for new models of guns for ranged combat. The authors of the supplement have added many variants of bows, each of which has a unique design and scope.

An important feature of the modification is that players can get new items in different ways: with the help of teams, inventory, or crafting.

Among the added types, MCPE players can find a longbow, magnetic, spider, shulker, miner’s bow, health bow, ice, glowing, explosive, blaze bow, and others.