Multicraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Multicraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Multicraft Mod for Minecraft PE: get new tools, use magic to spawn bosses, and much more!

What does Multicraft Mod add to MCPE?

This mod will make the game unique. It allows Minecraft PE players to add many multicraft items and is compatible with options from other addons.

There are weapons, tools, and even precious metals among the new items. The developer has created an unusual addition to the game for fans of magic.

How does it work?

Minecraft PE players need to turn on the bonus chest before starting the game. After that, the user will be able to use the soul, which will replace the spawn egg of the villager. Users can also try to find one in the game world.

If a player clicks on the villager with an iron ingot, it will turn into a village.

Players can obtain industrial items by processing ore and creating alloys from them. In addition, the mod makes it possible to add multicraft tools to the game world. Their functionality is not much different from ordinary items, but there are improved properties.

For example, some MCPE items give increased production speed: Iron, Diamond, Bronze, and Steel Multitools.

The function of genetics

Thanks to this option of the Multicraft mod, Minecraft PE players can derive genes that will give them some advantages. For example, the horse gene gives increased speed for 60 seconds, and rabbit genes increase jumping ability.


With the help of the Multicraft mod magic, a MCPE player can get a weapon that can cause the growth of new colors and summon one of the bosses.


There will be many new flowers in Minecraft PE that players can craft. This way, players can summon an unusual boss. Also, the Multicraft mod users can decorate their world with flowers.


There are two bosses in this multicraft mod. One of them, the God of War, has a health of 20. This mob can impose a fade effect in Minecraft PE. There is also a God of natural health that has 800 health. Mob can give levitation effect summons minions.