Multiplayer Mod for Minecraft PE

Multiplayer Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Multiplayer Mod for Minecraft PE: use more abilities, try to become a zombie, and fight with your friends!

What does Multiplayer Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players have a fairly large selection of addons that can diversify the game. This mod users can activate in multiplayer mode. Some allow users to add new abilities to the characters, with the help of others the player gets the opportunity to become stronger and defeat enemies easily.

Those who want to arrange a battle with friends will also find suitable options.

Zombie Mode

Many people would like to become invulnerable for a while and compete with friends in multiplayer mode. This mod allows the Minecraft PE player to gain zombie abilities.

This will give Steve several advantages. Firstly, aggressive creatures will stop attacking him. The game will become more interesting, especially at night, when the player will be able to receive additional items.

There are also some disadvantages that will hinder the player. The sun’s rays are now dangerous for the character, he will burn under them like a zombie.

In multiplayer, this addon will be exciting to use, but at the same time there should not be too many participants in the game.

More Body Actions

There are some addons that allow you to add new movements to the characters in Minecraft PE. This mod allows users to do this without special commands.

These options are useful in multiplayer if a player wants to pick up another player and carry him. He can also carry other mobs.

In addition, the character will be able to lie down, sit and much more.

New Battle System

This mod is created especially for those who want to fight with friends in multiplayer. Many Minecraft PE players can participate in the battle at once. To select options, the developer has created a menu where players can select functions.