Octopus Mod for Minecraft PE

Octopus Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Octopus Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn ocean and sea inhabitants, meet new cute mobs, avoid dangerous creatures, and much more!

What does Octopus Mod add to MCPE?

Minecraft PE players can see many ocean inhabitants in the game world. This mod adds octopuses and other exotic mobs. Users can create the creatures with spawn eggs or meet in nature.

There are many variants of underwater inhabitants for users who like to explore seas and oceans. Players should activate the experimental mode before they use the modification.

Ocean Craft

This unique mod replaces some of the usual mobs in Minecraft PE with various underwater inhabitants. Those players who want to see more diverse fauna in the oceans and seas of the game world will love this addon.

Octopuses and other mobs won’t spawn naturally in the water: players will use spawn eggs. They also should use the creative mode to make the mod work.


In addition to the octopus, other mobs will also appear in the world. Instead of witches, Butterfly Fish will appear in Minecraft PE. Some aggressive creatures will also change their appearance, for example, zombies.

Some animals will also disappear, and new marine life will appear instead. For example, there will be a shrimp instead of a pig, and jellyfish will replace cows. The elder guardians will turn into sharks that attack sheep. Crabs will replace spiders and a whale in the game world instead of a bear.

Octopus attacks players and fish. The mod developer has also added piranhas and a snarling sword, which are predators.

Aquatic Plus

Minecraft PE players can see underwater not only harmless mobs such as octopus but also aggressive mobs. The mod adds giant sharks and a couple of bosses.

These creatures are dangerous and have much health, so players should be careful in the ocean.