One Heart Mod for Minecraft PE

One Heart Mod for Minecraft PE

Download One Heart Mod for Minecraft PE: help your character survive in the most difficult conditions with a critically low level of health!

Main Advantages of One Heart Mod for MCPE

It is not easy for beginners to survive in Minecraft PE, because the game world is full of dangers. And experienced users, on the contrary, want more risk and challenges.

This mod will leave the character with only 1 heart, and with such critical health, he will have to look for ways to survive, find resources and defend himself from hostile mobs.

The inclusion of experimental settings is necessary for those who want to use the new options. This is what the players have to do during the creation of the world.

One Heart Challenge

Those who are tired of the usual game should try this mod. Experienced players already easily cope with any difficulty in Minecraft PE, have learned how to build safe shelters and fight monsters, protecting their character. This addon will create hardcore conditions for survival, giving the user only one heart.


1 heart mod means that Steve can die from just a couple of blows from a hostile mob. There is also a constant risk of getting critical damage by falling or drowning.

This is an opportunity for those who want to improve their skills in Minecraft PE, reach a whole new level, become stronger and more resilient, develop reaction speed, and much more.

1 Heart Survival

This mod will help a Minecraft PE player learn how to survive with one heart. After installing the addon, the character health will be critically low, so now he will have to search for resources twice as fast. Especially it is necessary to be afraid of the dark time of the day.

Since monsters spawn everywhere, the character can easily take damage. And in this situation, one blow from the enemy is enough for him to die.

This is a great way to upgrade survival skills.