One Piece Mod for Minecraft PE

One Piece Mod for Minecraft PE

Download One Piece Mod for Minecraft PE: meet Luffy and other creatures from popular anime, and fight enemies with new weapons!

What does One Piece Mod add to MCPE?

This anime is a very popular among Minecraft PE players. There are some One Piece mods that let users get additional weapons and fight characters from this anime.

One Piece Evolve

The developers have created the One Piece Evolve mod for all fans of this anime. Mobs will appear in the game world but do not attack other creatures.

Minecraft PE players will be able to tame them, after which the characters will protect Steve from enemies. To create heroes, users need to spawn eggs from the inventory. It is not difficult to find them. Also, the creators of the mod added 8 types of weapons.

Players must use the command /give @p ope:yubashiri to get the items.

Swords can also be obtained after the death of pirates. The weapon gives Steve an aura of different colors and causes a lot of damage to opponents.

The mod contains attacks and effects from One Piece, with which players can freeze enemies, turn them into stones, and much more.

Pirates from One Piece

This addon will allow Minecraft PE players to create a real adventure inside their world. Steve can become a pirate or a sailor, get a mission, and complete tasks. The One Piece mod offers several types of attacks with which players can defeat enemies.

Besides, the developer has introduced a new currency into the game, which can be earned by killing aggressive mobs.

By the way, users will have access to the mod menu with many settings, as well as its own interface where the player can view his status.


Players can add this character from One Piece named Luffy to their Minecraft PE world using this mod. The mob will have unique abilities that help him fight enemies.

The creature has a health of 20,000.

It can extend its arms and throw the opponent into the air. It can also rotate its legs like a bundle.