One Way Glass Mod for Minecraft PE

One Way Glass Mod for Minecraft PE

Download One Way Glass Mod for Minecraft PE: use simple recipe for crafting, get more blocks for building and decorating, and make your game world unique!

What does One Way Glass Mod add to MCPE?

There are many addons for building and decorating in Minecraft PE. Developers create more and more unique blocks and try to add new textures. This time players have an opportunity to use one way glass. This material has two sides. Each of them has its own texture.

Players need to turn on the experiment mode to use the features of this mod.


This unique mod adds a new block to the game that is used to decorate any part of the house or mansion. The block is called One Way Glass. It is because one side of the block is covered with the textures of the selected material, and the rest is glass. This unusual solution will allow Minecraft PE players to arrange their interiors according to their preferences.

With this addon, users can show imagination and experiment with building facades and interiors.

If a player looks from one side, he will see only glass: the block will be completely transparent. But it is worth going from the other side – and the block looks different. Blocks with such unique properties have never been in the game before.

How does it work?

Creating one way glass is very simple. The mod developer has added a crafting recipe that any Minecraft PE builder can use. The player needs to change the block of the tree to any other.

Players have a fairly large selection of materials for decoration with the help of new blocks. These are all kinds of wood, wool, and various stones, including nether bricks.

MCPE players can also use grass, sand, sponge, clay, and more.

The most unusual options from the One Way Glass mod are obtained if the user takes as a basis glass and some of the following items: crafting table, oven, beehive, bookshelf, note blocks and others.