Pegasus Mod for Minecraft PE

Pegasus Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Pegasus Mod for Minecraft PE: spawn magical flying horses, explore the world using their abilities, and get unique effects from the mobs!

What does Pegasus Mod add to MCPE?

Many mods add magical creatures to Minecraft PE. This addon is for those who dreamed of getting to know pegasus and flying them on horseback. Players also will meet characters from famous cartoons and other mobs.

It is possible to spawn the animals by summoning eggs or to meet in the biomes of the game world.

Mine little pony

The Mine little pony mod is dedicated to famous cartoon characters. Pegasus, ponies, and unicorns will spawn in Minecraft PE. The developer created cute magical animals of different colors, and they all look like the heroes of the plot.

There are good and evil heroes among the new creatures who fight among themselves.

Unicorns and Pegasus

This mod will add many creatures to Minecraft PE. Players can meet pegasus that flies around the world. It is possible to saddle the mob, but there is no opportunity to control this magical creature.

Players should approach the animal and press the button to sit on a pegasus. The process is no different from saddling a horse.

Users will also meet unicorns and alicorns in their game world. By the way, mobs can occur in different colors. There are also beautiful butterflies that spawn in the game biomes.

Expansive Fantasy

This mod will be an opportunity for players to make friends with pegasus and ride them through the Minecraft PE game biomes. The player needs to use the experimental mode to make the addon work.

The Expansive Fantasy addon is unique in that it contains other fabulous creatures. For example, it is possible to meet several types of dragons that can even impose effects on players.

Besides, the developer added improved armor for protection from dragons.