Penguin Mod for Minecraft PE

Penguin Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Penguin Mod for Minecraft PE: add unusual and cute birds to the biomes of the game world!

What does Penguin Mod add to MCPE?

There are some birds in the biomes of Minecraft PE, but players have never had to see penguins. The authors of this mod created such creatures, and now every user can watch the life of these cute animals.

They will spawn in biomes, and they can also be added by players with a spawn egg.


This mod is suitable for different editions of the game, even early ones. Minecraft PE players can create and tame penguins using this addon. Tamed birds become guards for Steve.

For domestication to take place, raw fish is needed. Users can also get fish to treat a mob if it has received damage.

The behavior of new animals will be similar to creepers, since the developer replaced these aggressive mobs with birds.

All kinds of penguins

For those who want to see more penguin variants, the developer of this mod has created 24 models. In Minecraft PE, not only birds that exist in reality will appear, but also those that have long been extinct.

Players will be able to get acquainted with the life of unique creatures that lived many years ago.


Activation of the mod will lead to the fact that cold biomes will become a habitat for penguins. Mobs will also appear on the beaches of Minecraft PE. Interestingly, the user can help the birds to reproduce. Players will need to find two mobs of the same type and give them raw fish as food.

An egg will appear, and a bird will soon be born from it.

The developer tried to reflect realistic walking and other movements in the animation of penguins. By creating birds, players can settle them in different biomes of the game.

Other details

The developer managed to create a sound series suitable for penguins in Minecraft PE. Each of the mobs has original sounds corresponding to real birds. Besides, some new animals kill and eat fish underwater.

The mod offers to revive extinct species with a potion and a totem of undying. The author also introduced coins for trading.