Pet Mod for Minecraft PE

Pet Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Pet Mod for Minecraft PE: tame cute animals and use their functions to have more health and abilities!

What does Pet Mod add to MCPE?

Usually, Minecraft PE players have the ability to tame animals in the game world. This mod allows you to have more pets with unique functions.

Eye Atomics Pets

This mod adds cute mobs to the game. These new creatures can protect Steve and give him additional effects, for instance, underwater breathing or more health in Minecraft PE.

Each mob has unique abilities: Drill Pet gives acceleration and can dig quickly. Nevertheless, it can not destroy stones.

Players should feed the pets to get new options. It is possible to create the necessary food because each animal from the mod needs special treatment.

Unfortunately, if a Minecraft PE player dies, his mobs will disappear too.

Inventory Pets

Minecraft PE players will get as many new animals as possible in the game. The mod adds 18 pets. If users feed and care for the mobs, they will protect owners from their enemies.

Besides, the creatures have some special abilities. It is easy to use their functions because mobs are stored in the inventory.

The wolf gives the player extra strength, and the squid gives underwater breathing. The sponge cleanses the water, and the spider improves jumping in Minecraft PE. Sheep help to accelerate, and ocelots have night vision. The lava cube shares the ability to resist fire, and Enderman helps to teleport.

World Animals

The pet mod is interesting because most of the animals are wild and aggressive, but players can easily tame them by knowing some tricks.

Animals spawn in their natural habitat. The author decided to simplify the task and added a universal item for taming mobs – a golden bone. This modification helps Minecraft PE players to tame elephants, tigers, bears, lions, and other animals.

Hedgehogs will become the cutest pets of this addon.