Plant Mod for Minecraft PE

Plant Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Plant Mod for Minecraft PE: use new seeds to grow fruits and vegetables, eat tasty food, and find more items!

What does Plant Mod add to MCPE?

Many players are concerned about the issue of food in Minecraft PE. The menu can be varied if players grow vegetables, fruits, and other plants themselves. The mod will help users find seeds, grow them and get a harvest.

More Crops

This mod allows Minecraft PE players to add a lot of harvest to the game world. There are vegetables, fruits, trees, and even mushrooms among the new plants.


The mod developer offers Minecraft PE players growing many new vegetables, fruits, and other plants in their garden: eggplant, corn, rice, raspberries, and even asparagus. In addition to vegetables, the addon adds about 17 types of mushrooms. There are also decorative items, such as ferns.

To get a harvest, players need to have grains that can be exchanged from the farmer for diamonds or emeralds.

More Plants

This mod is for those who want to eat healthy fruits and vegetables in the Minecraft PE world. Players can grow their food and eat it all the time. With the help of new plants, the player can diversify his menu.

All of them work the same way as usual. Players can grow tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, and other vegetables in their gardens. In addition, the author added a little exotic, for example, pineapples.


Many players would like to see more beautiful colors in Minecraft PE. With this mod, it is possible to diversify the world of plants and give more food to bees. These mobs will collect pollen from new flowers.

There is a slight difference from the new representatives of flora: they cannot be planted in pots.


Unusual straw blocks that appear after downloading the plant mod will change color in Minecraft PE. First, the color will be green, and then it will change to yellow.

It is worth using these materials carefully in construction, as they are easily flammable.