Project Walker Mod for Minecraft PE

Project Walker Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Project Walker Mod for Minecraft PE: live in a cruel world after Apocalypse, fight with dangerous mobs, and look for loot in new structures!

What does Project Walker Mod add to MCPE?

This mod changes the Minecraft PE world a lot. The plot of Project Walker assumes that an apocalypse has occurred in the virtual space, so Steve’s life will be much more complicated. There will be very few resources left, so survivors will have to look for things where they usually don’t exist.

The addon will add several threats to the world at once. A new virus infected with zombies is dangerous for the character. Other mobs can take things from the character. Users will be in a constant struggle for survival. Fortunately, structures with resources can be generated on the way.


According to the plot of the Project Walker mod, zombies used to be people, but now they kill all living things. They don’t have the smartest behavior scenario, but meeting these creatures is dangerous for a Minecraft PE player.

There are twenty types of dangerous mobs with different health, speed, and damage.

In addition to zombies, surviving mobs will walk around the game world, which may be peaceful or aggressive. The latter appear less frequently but are extremely dangerous because they can take away all the resources from the character.
Food and drinks

The main feature of the mod will be a thirst indicator, which changes every time. For Project Walker users to constantly receive liquid, the developers have added several types of drinks.

Naturally, Minecraft PE players will not find the usual products in this dangerous world. Instead, they will have to eat canned food.

Armor and weapons

To protect themselves from attacks by virus-infected zombies Minecraft PE players can use new weapons. The Project Walker mod will add several options for ranged combat. So as not to get close to enemies.

The main problem with such guns is the noise level, which can attract other zombies. For close combat, the developers of the addon also added items that players can easily take from the inventory.

By the way, sometimes there are troubles with weapons in a multiplayer game.

Additional information

The mod increases the risk of injury to the Project Walker player: now the character can break bones. There is morphine to decrease the pain. There is also always a risk that the users will be bitten by a zombie. In this case, he needs to take an antidote.

Sometimes Minecraft PE players can find boxes with different items for survival. The green box has weapons, the yellow one help with food, and the white one gives medicines.