Railcraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Railcraft Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Railcraft Mod for Minecraft PE: get access to new modes of transport, choose the right car and go on a journey!

What does Railcraft Mod add to MCPE?

To move around the game world, the developers have introduced some types of transport into Minecraft PE, including minecarts. But the range of these items is not that big, and players want to get more ways to transport resources. The Railcraft mod adds 20 different variants of this vehicle, some of which can only be used for decorative purposes.


The developer of the Railcraft mod has introduced custom items that will replace conventional modes of transport. Thus, it is possible to build a huge train and go on a long journey. Such transport can also be useful if the Minecraft PE player needs to load ore mined in mines somewhere.

Some minecarts will be made of durable and valuable materials, and there will also be brand-new wagons that were not in the game before.

How to get new items?

The mechanism for obtaining new transport is not the most complicated, but a beginner may not be able to cope with it the first time.
The developer of the Railcraft mod led a custom item that allows Minecraft PE players to activate the rails in order to then put new transport on them. To get it, they will need the command /give @s raigen:rail_cart.

The player needs to put a regular minecart on the rails, and then pick up a rail cart and click on the transport with this object. The trolley will disappear, and there will be a place on the rails where you need to put new transport.

After receiving it, players need to put it on the rails in this place.


To get all the other items of the Railcraft mod, Minecraft PE players need to use simple commands. First, they need to enter into the chat /give @s raigen. A whole list of commands will appear on the screen, each of which allows users to get a new item.