Rat Mod for Minecraft PE

Rat Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Rat Mod for Minecraft PE: meet friendly creatures, tame them and get protection from other mobs, try new meat, and much more!

What does Rat Mod add to MCPE?

These mods with animals help players make the Minecraft PE gameplay more exciting. After installing the rat addon, several varieties of small creatures will appear in the virtual world. There are also additional mobs, and some of them are dangerous.


This mod will add only one animal to the game. The main advantage is that rats will have different colors in Minecraft PE. It will be possible to meet black, white, brown and gray mobs.

If a player gets close to an animal, he can hear quite realistic sounds from the little creature.


The mod brings new functionality into the game: rats can become guards of Steve’s house. If the mob is tamed, it will become a friend to the player. In case of attack animal by the character, it will attack in response. At the same time, mobs will run away from players who just walk by.

Spawn of new animals in Minecraft PE can happen only at night. They have 8 health and can even bring 3 damage.

More Creatures

The main advantage of this rat mod is that it adds an impressive number of other representatives of fauna to Minecraft PE. This is one of the most popular addons with new animals among experienced players. Besides, there are mobs of different colors. If the player spawn them with eggs, the color will be different each time.

Rats drop raw pieces of meat that can even be cooked. The animals have 10 health, and 2 damage.

By the way, this mod contains raccoons, turtles, rabbits, and many other cute animals. There are also aggressive creatures of the animal world, for example, wild hogs. The author suggests introducing more than twenty new mobs to Minecraft PE. There are also fairy characters among them: giant trees named Ents, and others.