Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE

Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE: get more loot, use unique items with different effects, and attack enemies with cool weapons!

What does Reliquary Mod add to MCPE?

This mod opens access to items and blocks n the virtual world. The developer took the Java Edition Reliquary Reincarnation addon as a basis. By the way, players need Experimental gameplay and an Educational Edition.

The addon allows the Minecraft player to get a lot of different weapons and magic items to defeat opponents. Besides, new items can be used in crafting.


There are some new loot items that Minecraft PE players can get with this mod. For example, it is possible to get bat wings from bait, frozen core from a snowman, rib bone from a skeleton, and much more. Witch drops Witch Hat after death, and Zombie drops its heart.

All these items players can use for crafting.

Gun and Bullets

The mod developer added different bullets, including effects. For example, a sand bullet gives the effect of blinding, and a fired bullet causes a fire. These items will help defeat Minecraft PE players and protect themselves from dangerous mobs.

More Items

Minecraft PE players can use some new items in the game world. Shears of Winter turns leaves in a close area into the air when someone breaks a block.

Glowing Water is a potion that kills nearby undead mobs.

The mod users can craft Glowing Bread from it. Besides, this item fills all hunger. There are also more magical items that users can get to survive: Altar of Light Lantern of Paranoia, Ice Magus Rod, Mercy Cross, and others.


Some items allow Minecraft PE players to improve the character’s characteristics by giving them more abilities.

For example, an Angel Feather gives the effect of a slow fall and an improved jump.

Infernal claws will give Steve the effect of fire resistance thanks to the mod. Kraken Shell will allow players to breathe in water and see in the dark.