Replay Mod for Minecraft PE

Replay Mod for Minecraft PE

Download Replay Mod for Minecraft PE: get the opportunity to make cinematic masterpieces while playing, and enjoy the new features!

What does Replay Mod add to MCPE?

Many players know Replay mod for the Java edition. The developers decided that players using mobile devices should also be allowed to shoot videos during the game. They created a modification called Cinematron Bedrock Replayer.

One of the addon advantages is the ability to create masterpieces with friends.

How does it work?

To shoot videos inside Minecraft PE, players will need special teams. To get information about the replay mod, users need to enter the command /function CThelp.

Before the start, users need to decide who will control the camera: the player selected for this role must use the /function add_replay command.

Players should know that the selected points cannot be changed. They will have to use the /function remove_all command and start over.

This Replay mod allows to select a dynamic point in Minecraft PE, but players should make sure that the desired object is selected.

Then they need to use the command /function dynamic_focus_point. Armor stands will help players to visualize new points.

If a user wants to record himself, he should use a friend as a camera.

Other features

Replay mod offers user-friendly commands to use. Minecraft PE players will see error messages if something is wrong.

Cinematron modification will surprise players with smooth camera movements. Adding points is very easy, including dynamic points.
It is a good choice for a multiplayer game.

MCPE players should try this mod together with friends to have fun. Users should not forget that the addon works in the experimental game mode, which needs to be activated in the settings.